NPK 19-19-19

The N:P:K ratio (19:19:19) represents the balanced proportion of three vital nutrients in a fertilizer: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen is crucial for lush green foliage and overall plant growth, phosphorus supports strong root development and flowering, while potassium enhances stress resistance and promotes healthy fruit and flower formation. This balanced ratio, with equal parts of N, P, and K, ensures comprehensive plant nourishment, making it suitable for a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruits, cereals, flowers, and ornamental plants. It’s a versatile fertilizer choice, providing essential nutrients to promote robust plant growth and high-quality yields.

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Mechanism of Action

  • NPK 19-19-19 represents the proportion of three essential nutrients in a fertilizer: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K)
  • Nitrogen is absorbed by plants in the form of nitrate (NO3-) and ammonium (NH4+).
  • Phosphorus is essential for energy transfer and storage in plants.
  • Plants absorb potassium in the form of potassium ions (K+).
  • Benefits of NPK 19-19-19

  • The balanced ratio ensures that plants receive adequate amounts of all three essential nutrients, leading to healthy and balanced growth.
  • Supports early-stage growth by encouraging robust root and stem development, ensuring the plant’s stability and nutrient uptake efficiency.
  • Facilitates the formation of flowers and fruits, ensuring proper development and reducing the chances of premature ripening.
  • Nitrogen aids in chlorophyll production, enhancing the plant’s ability to capture sunlight and convert it into energy through photosynthesis.
  • Crops for NPK 19-19-19

  • lettuce, spinach, cabbage, and kale benefit from the balanced growth provided by this fertilizer.
  • Trees such as apple, mango, and citrus fruits, as well as plants like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, require balanced nutrition for healthy fruit development.
  • Grains like wheat, rice, maize, and barley require balanced nutrients for robust overall growth.
  • Contents:-

  • Nitrogen 19.0% w/w + Phosphate 19.0% w/w + Potash 19.0% w/w
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